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Exceptional Care in Uncertain Times: Lessons Caregivers Can Learn from My Cancer Care Team

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Journey through a breast cancer survivor’s experience with the unparalleled oncology team at Bronson Hospital. Discover key lessons in empathy, communication, and holistic care that every caregiver can learn to improve patient outcomes. From treatment options to navigating recurrence risks, this blog offers a comprehensive guide to compassionate caregiving.

Navigating Breast Cancer: Employee Rights & Workplace Protections Explained

A diagnosis of breast cancer can be a life-altering event, not only for your health but also for your career. Understanding your legal rights and protections in the workplace is crucial to ensure a smooth return to work after cancer treatment. Earlier this month, I turned in my FMLA paperwork to HR and began a […]

7 things to know once your breast cancer treatment is scheduled

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Introduction If you were like me, your cancer diagnosis was the scariest moment of your life. The thought of treatment is equally scary. I’ve felt a little lost the past few weeks, thinking (and being asked this frequently by my loved ones), “what’s next”? I finally made a decision to opt for lumpectomy with breast […]