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Living and Working with Breast Cancer

Diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2023, my journey has been one of profound change, resilience, and unexpected discoveries. From a Valentine’s Day mammogram that revealed a tumor, I embarked on a whirlwind of biopsy, MRI, mastectomy, radiation, and hormone therapy. The year was a grueling test, but it also became a chapter of survival and growth.

Through the ups and downs, including bouts of depression and relentless hot flashes, I navigated my way through treatment. It was a time of letting go—quitting smoking, embracing meaningful conversations, and shedding the fear of judgment. This journey has melted away my old facade, allowing the authentic Amy to emerge.

As I look back, I feel relieved that the most intense treatments are behind me, though I often wonder, “What just happened?” It’s as if I was caught in a storm and emerged on the other side, forever changed. Each day now greets me with fatigue and hope, a reminder of how fortunate I am. Not every story ends happily, but each journey leaves a precious legacy.

This path has also tested relationships unexpectedly, revealing the true faces of love and friendship. While some connections deepened, others faded, teaching me about the unpredictable nature of life.

To all my fellow pink warriors, we’ve shared another part of this journey. It’s not always easy, but we continue to move forward, one step at a time. For those of you reading this, sending love, or fighting your own battles, know that you are stronger than you realize.


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