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My story and inspiration in life

I am a 43-year-old instructional designer who was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year. My world has been shaken and stirred, but it has not shattered. While I certainly feel too young to be embarking on this journey, I’m also well aware that this is a path I must tread. Thankfully, my corporate workplace has shown me nothing but support.

In my role, I have spent over a decade working alongside several HR departments, gaining a wealth of experience in training and development. Now, I find myself navigating the unique challenges of managing work amidst a breast cancer diagnosis, an experience I’m keen on sharing to provide insights and practical tips for others in similar situations.

While I’m gradually moving beyond the initial shock of my diagnosis and into the realities of treatment and recovery, the journey remains uncertain. Some days are still about processing, while others are about gearing up for what lies ahead.

Being a designer by profession, I’ve found solace and purpose in documenting my journey on this blog. It’s not only my creative outlet but also my platform to inspire and support others who find themselves on this path.

A pillar of strength in my journey is my spouse, Andrea. She’s my rock, my sounding board, my source of endless encouragement. Before the whirlwind of my breast cancer diagnosis, our mantra in challenging times was “tits up! You’ve got this!” Even now, as I live my life after a double mastectomy and embrace the path of aesthetic flat closure (AFC), this sentiment holds more true than ever.

So, here’s to marching forward, one day at a time, with heads high and hearts strong. Let’s create our narratives of survival together, inspiring each other with every step we take. “Tits up”, my friends, we’ve got this!