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woman with dreadlocks
portrait of woman with pink hair after aesthetic flat closure.

My story and inspiration in life

Hello, I’m Amy, a 44-year-old instructional designer and breast cancer survivor. Diagnosed a year ago, my world was shaken, but it has not shattered. While I felt too young to face this journey, I embraced it with determination. Thankfully, my corporate workplace has been incredibly supportive throughout this experience.

With over a decade of experience working alongside HR departments in training and development, I have been navigating the unique challenges of managing work amidst breast cancer treatment. My goal is to share insights and practical tips to help others in similar situations.

As I move beyond the initial shock of my diagnosis, treatment, and recovery, the journey remains uncertain but hopeful. Some days are for processing, while others are for gearing up for the future.

Being a designer by profession, I’ve found solace and purpose in documenting my journey on this blog. It’s my creative outlet and a platform to inspire and support others walking this path.

Here’s to marching forward, one day at a time, with heads high and hearts strong. Let’s create our survival narratives together, inspiring each other with every step we take.