The Last Mile: My Journey Through Radiation Therapy for Breast Cancer

Hello, dear readers,

Coping with cancer is a topic no one ever wants to be an expert in, yet here I am. My breast cancer diagnosis and subsequent double mastectomy this spring, now has led me down the challenging path of radiation therapy. I’ll keep this blog short because, honestly, that’s about all the energy I have these days. In short: cancer sucks.


Health Update: The Side Effects from Radiation Therapy

As I approach the end of my specific treatment plan under the guidance of my radiation oncologist and health care provider, I feel drained. My skin in the treatment area is fried, and my throat may as well have been a pincushion. But, even as I undergo radiation, I know the end is near, and for that, I’m grateful.


Balancing Oncology and Work-Life

Continuing to work during treatment is a hurdle many cancer patients face. I have to give a shoutout to my incredible team, who’ve been nothing but supportive as I juggle treatment and work. Their patience has allowed me extra time for project submissions, something I never take for granted. 

But let’s be honest: Working with cancer isn’t easy. While some people with cancer choose to stop working, I’ve decided to continue. I have received information for people with cancer that’s helped me better manage my time and work environment, and my human resources department has been incredibly supportive.


Thoughts on Perfectionism and Work After Breast Cancer Treatment

As someone who prides herself on always giving 100%, the side effects that might come from my type of radiation have made it difficult to achieve that level of commitment. It’s been tough, but I’m learning to adjust my expectations and talk with my health care team about how treatment will affect my return to work after treatment.

But, as a perfectionist to my core, it’s hard for me to accept that my 100% just isn’t possible right now. I’ve always aimed for the moon, but at this moment, I’m grounding my expectations. I know perfection is an unattainable ideal even on the best of days, so for now, I’ll settle for mediocrity—and that’s okay.


Looking Forward to Life Post-Treatment

Receiving radiation therapy after a mastectomy has been a grueling experience, but one that’s brought its own form of resilience. Coping with cancer has also meant embracing a new normal, one that I hope to carry into my life as a cancer survivor.

I look forward to returning to a regular schedule, but also to implementing the coping skills I’ve learned during this challenging time. Your support, love, and positive vibes continue to mean the world to me.


Signing off, but never giving up, 


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